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What We Believe

 Q: Can you share more about your beliefs and what kind of denomination-specific prayers or other content that may be featured in the journal?

As a mom, I understand the importance of choosing products that align with your beliefs. Faith Friends was founded upon the unifying faith we share as followers of Christ.

Understanding that families practice and live out their faith in different ways, I set out to create a doll brand that brings together believers of Jesus Christ, whether Protestant, Catholic, Evangelical, Orthodox, or anywhere in between. 

With a hopeful heart, I also aim for Faith Friends to be a light that introduces the love of Jesus to girls who may not yet know Him.

At the core of what we believe is the awesome truth that God created each of us for His glory and in His image (Psalm 100:3, Genesis 1:27). We also find unity in the beliefs articulated in the Apostles’ Creed, a rule of faith shared by many Christian traditions.

Overall, Faith Friends is dedicated to celebrating the girls God created them to be!

About the Girl Journal & Little Book of Verses

Whether your family gathers around the dinner table, kneels in a quiet room, or embraces the beauty of liturgical prayers, the journal was designed to be a canvas for her unique expressions of faith.

I hope it inspires her to open up her Bible and to look up verses in whatever translation you prefer. Where you see Scripture in the journal and the "Little Book of Verses," the ESV translation is used.

The journal features historical women of faith from various denominations, celebrating the rich diversity within Christianity and highlighting the common thread of love and devotion to Jesus Christ that unites us all.